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Continuing the Summer Blockbuster commentary

In sci-fi on May 21, 2009 at 7:39 pm

I just got in from seeing TERMINATOR: SALVATION and I have to say; I really enjoyed it! The director of this movie, named McG – who has previously given us the CHARLIE’S ANGELS movies as well as the football/tragedy movie WE ARE MARSHALL – really grabbed the most overt, and fun parts of the TERMINATOR franchise and turned that up as loud and visually exciting as it could possibly be. This movie’s sound literally shakes you, the seats, the floor and  – in the right theater, although I can’t imagine even a lesser theater’s speakers not quaking from this mix – the theater itself. The visual effects in this movie are beyond top-notch, far superior to the WOLVERINE movie and after having just watched THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON last night, I have to say it’s visuals pale in comparison to Terminator. 

As far as the franchise goes, I do have to say that I think that this movie would be loved if it weren’t trying to present itself as a Terminator movie. It was only in the last quarter of the movie where I really felt like I was now watching a movie with the same characters that we’ve followed through three movies and it starts when John Connor breaks away from all of the other “resistance fighters” and irrelevant characters, blasts the Guns-n-Roses (yes, it’s in there!!!) and heads off for his final showdown.

The other part of this movie, that I was kind of reticent about going in was the much discussed cameo of the CGI-ed, younger version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The effects on this character are spectacular and you really feel like they managed to use their circular time-travel thingies and brought the 1984 Arnold to the present (or the future). 

The rest of the performances are solid, for what they’re given to do – which honestly isn’t much. Everyone has to run, everyone gets on helicopters and then you have to run some more. Having people like Bryce Dallas Howard, Common (who I enjoyed in SMOKIN’ ACES and in his small role in STREET KINGS – movies that I won’t probably ever mention on this blog again!), Helena Bonham Carter, although she at least gets to give us a good amount of exposition and Moon Bloodgood, who does some wacky stuff in this movie – all of which really is just kind of a waste of time (other than looking good, which I’m actually always up for). But, the stars of the show are Christian Bale, Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin. They all do well enough in their respective roles of “rebel hero”, “misguided hero” and “damsel in distress that will be important later on”. 

Don’t let your knowledge of the past movies get in the way, bring your ear plugs (if you’re not tough enough to handle the full throttle sound) and watch this movie.


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