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The 80’s created my taste in women…

In Actors on May 26, 2009 at 6:40 pm

So, with all the news about remakes of movies from the 1980’s, and talks of new sequels to old franchises; fond memories of watching these movies as a kid has just come to the forefront of my mind in one very specific way that movies have affected my mind! And that’s my preference in women. 

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve had a “thing” for the older ladies; I love long kinky hair and even more-so red heads. This can all be factored into one movie, and that is GHOSTBUSTERS. That movie had the epitome of “perfect women” for me. Sigourney Weaver with her long mane of black hair – and not to mention her turning into a real dog! – and then of course there was Annie Potts. Janine Melnitz, had attitude and that librarian sex-appeal. They way she flirted with Egon (Harold Ramis) – and sadly hooked up with Louis (Rick Moranis) in the second movie – meant that nerds, oddly that I sort of empathized with even though I always felt I was more of a Venkman, had a chance. 

The other big influence was in a movie about two high school kids who create a woman of their dreams with their computer. Kelly LeBrock – as THE sex symbol of the 80’s, was a dream woman, literally, in WEIRD SCIENCE. I guess seeing a woman like that   being sexual with a couple of younger guys – again with the “nerds” – was something that really affected me. And her in blue underpants and that cut off shirt!! (She looked way better in it than the kid playing Wyatt!)

The other main character/actress that I can think of as effecting me – that sounds much more lascivious than it’s meant to, this was all innocent love and infatuation – was a segment of the THE TWILIGHT ZONE MOVIE. It is called segment #3 and is about a little boy who seemingly can take control over reality. In the movie he can erase people’s mouths, banish them to a cartoon hell on TV and even create monstrous bunnies that can pop out of magician’s hats. And the only one that can save him – or understand him – is Helen Foley, played by Kathleen Quinlan. In her red and black striped shirt and long skirt, she was the perfect school-teacher/caregiver and she was beautiful. 

I realize, it’s now starting to sound a little Oedipal and maybe it is. As a little kid, movies (and drawing and comic books) were pretty much my escape from real life, so why not model the perfect woman I would want to be with on these characters? But, this isn’t to say that I only had a “thing” for the older, more maternal women in movies. Although, I have to say I wasn’t ever really into the more age-appropriate actresses though – like Phoebe Cates or Molly Ringwald – the epitome of my so called “crushes” for teenage movie characters was Chris Parker, as played by Elisabeth Shue, in ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING. She was a blonde, sure, but she was also strong-willed (I mean after what she goes through, you’d kind of have to be, or else you’d wind up like Penelope Ann Miller.) and not afraid to stand up douchebags that are cheating on her, or even two rival gangs on an elevated train! This movie might have also been the first time I got an actual glimpse inside a Playboy!  She was also good in THE KARATE KID. The only other teenager I remember being in love with was Kerri Green, best known for THE GOONIES but also from a little movie with Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen called LUCAS. 

I didn’t like Mia Sara in FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF – although I did like Jennifer Grey (and continued to, until that nose job thing..but whatever) – and not even Princess Leia, really. I did like Vanity, from THE LAST DRAGON. Helen Slater, yes in SUPERGIRL but also – and more importantly – in THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN. The rebel attitude and need to stand up for what it right, that was the turn on. The fact that she wore a hot zip-up vest and chopped all of her hair off.. okay, that was hot too. 

So, this may be revealing a little more about me, than I really probably ought to share. But, it was an inspired post and you know; I’m not ashamed of having these women as the guidelines for what I look for in a prospective mate.

  1. Ha, I will definitely be consulting you for that post…

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