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When you’re in a wolfpack of one, you’re never alone…

In comedy on May 26, 2009 at 3:55 am

So, I have another addition to the fun Summer movies that need to be watched this season. This movie is THE HANGOVER, the new comedy from the director of ROAD TRIP and OLD SCHOOL, Todd Phillips. It stars Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms as three friends who go to Las Vegas with their friend Doug (played by NATIONAL TREASURE’s Justin Bartha) for his bachelor’s party. The night starts off well enough when they go to the roof of Caesar’s Palace and do some shots before the party begins. The only thing is, we then cut to the next morning, when our characters are waking up missing teeth, pants and any memory of what happened before. Oh, and Doug is missing. The movie is then, these three guys retracing their steps in search of their friend. And what an adventure it is. 

All of these guys – and anyone that shows up in the movie, really – do a freaking awesome job! The movie is hilarious, down-right wrong in a number of places, but really is THE Summer comedy of the…um, Summer…

There are a number of comedy conventions at work here. We have, obviously, the guys heading out for a bachelor party; there’s the father-in-law to be lending our heroes his cherished, classic Mercedes, the bitchy girlfriend who needs “put in her place” and of course there’s the “we don’t remember anything that happened” schtick. And while these are all tried and true tropes, this movie does nothing but turn this and everything else on it’s head. Plus, there’s Mike Tyson! 

There probably hasn’t been a comedy, Bachelor’s going to Vegas and stuff getting messed up, like this since VERY BAD THINGS. The movie directed by Peter Berg, in the mid-90’s. While THE HANGOVER doesn’t go as dark as that movie did, there are plenty of things that are hysterically funny, and yet you have to question why you’re laughing. 

But, I’d say if you’re mildly amused by things like:

  • A man getting tasered in the face.
  • A guy peeing in the bathroom, only to find a tiger in there with him.
  • A baby made to look like he’s masturbating.
  • A small asian man jumping out of a car, naked, beating other guys up with a crowbar.
  • Watching Heather Graham pull out a breast.

I’d say you will probably like this movie!

(Sorry for the bookends on the trailer, none of the actual hi-quality versions of the trailer were available for embedding.)

  1. Best comedy movie this year! 😀 So fucking funny!

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