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Did you say, “the future,” Conan?

In Uncategorized on August 25, 2009 at 1:01 am

Summer is over with, finally. There were a number of movies I liked, a couple that I loved and the rest were pretty lackluster. But, that’s all in the past now – at least until all those movies show up on DVD and I am forced to revisit a few. A couple, I won’t mind (TERMINATOR: SALVATION and ANGELS & DEMONS), a few with severe bouts of hesitation (yeah, TRANSFORMERS 2 and WOLVERINE) and some I’ll want to buy on release day (DISTRICT 9, MOON, etc.). But, now that Summer is over it’s time to look to the next seasonal flock of movies. A group of which, is usually saved til the end of the year, for proper placement on Awards nomination lists, and some for the upcoming holiday seasons. At the beginning of the summer I made an actual pen and paper list of all the movies I wanted to see – a summation of which, plus a couple of movies that I saw but hadn’t intended to, can be found on the site, somewhere. (I’m not a link-whore, look it up!) – so I figured I would do the same for the Fall/Winter movies, that will take us through the end of the year. And this time, I’ll share the list, and give some info or whatever, beforehand.

None of the movies I’m going to list, are ones I claim are good; just movies that I want to see. So, like with most movies, they’ll only show up here if I like them a lot, or like with the summer movies, I do a summation post, as I see them, collecting mini-reviews from my Fandango account. Feel free to follow along, and I’m not listing dates, as who knows when some of these will be released near me, or when I’ll get to see them. So, if anyone wants that information, you’ll also have to look that up yourself:

TAKING WOODSTOCK – The first movie on my list, and what’s not to love about a movie about the setup of Woodstock, directed by Ang Lee, starring Demetri Martin, Emile Hirsch and Liev Schrieber in drag (again. Man, he does love ladies clothes.)

EXTRACT – New Mike Judge movie, that looks more OFFICE SPACE than IDIOCRACY, which I’m happy about.

GAMER – Gerard Butler, in a big, dumb action movie – which probably could have fared well during the Summer. And a southern-accented Michael C. Hall (DEXTER).

9 – Animated movie by first-time feature writer/director Shane Acker. The movie is being backed by the unlikely duo of Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov; and featuring an all-star cast (Elijah Wood, Christopher Plummer and John C. Reilly), about a group of rag-dolls that are alive in a post-apocalyptic future, where humanity has vanished (or destroyed itself?)

WHITEOUT – I’ve waited a long time for this adaptation for one of my favorite graphic novels. It takes place in Antarctica, stars Kate Beckinsale and is directed by Dominic Sena (GONE IN 60 SECONDS), who I’m giving the benefit of the doubt, since the source material is pretty strong, but we’ll see.

THE INFORMANT – Steven Soderbergh, Matt Damon, in a sort of THE INSIDER meets BURN AFTER READING farce. Nuff said.

JENNIFER’S BODY – the new movie from writer Diablo Cody, starring Megan Fox as a demon high school cheerleader. Looks pretty schlocky, and fun.

PANDORUM – New movie from the director of ANTIBODIES (Christian Alvart) which, I think I wrote about. But this movie is sort of EVENT HORIZON, with Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster, and albino alien/monsters.

SURROGATES – Bruce Willis in an I, ROBOT sort of scenario, where people use synthetic versions of themselves to venture out into the world. People die, bringing out the real John McClane..er, I mean, whatever his name is.

A SERIOUS MAN – There’s a small part of me that hopes that the movie is just two hours of the trailer. I doubt it will be, but I have faith in the Coen Bros.

SHUTTER ISLAND – I can’t even contain how much I want to see this movie. So, of course, it looks like the studio is pushing it back to next year, but I’m holding out that I’ll still get to see it.

COUPLES RETREAT – I’m ashamed, but with the cast involved (Jason Bateman, Vince Vaughn, John Favreau, Kristen Bell AND Faizon Love!) how can I not go?!

WHIP IT! – Drew Barrymore’s first directoral job. Stars all female actors I like (Ellen Page, Juliette Lewis, Kirsten Wiig, Marcia Gay Harden), and it’s about roller-derby!

ZOMBIELAND – Seriously?! Look up the trailer, this has “greatest movie ever” written all over it – in that hyperbolic “best movie ever” way, most of these kinds of movies do.

LAW ABIDING CITIZEN – Gerard Butler again. Again with the explosions, and this time Jamie Foxx is along for the ride.

THE ROAD – Probably the movie I was most looking forward to coming out this year. Still is, but SHUTTER ISLAND and DISTRICT 9 stole some of it’s thunder. But, I’m looking for this to be this year’s CHILDREN OF MEN.

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE – I don’t remember the last movie that made me cry, but this might be able to do it. And the creature effects are amazing, judging by the trailers.

CIRQUE DU FREAK – John C. Reilly as a vampire, in some sort of weird, stylized kid’s movie that also looks like it’s going to be a little more mature – with it’s freakiness and violence. (Although, I’m sad to see it’s only PG-13, but considering what’s been getting through with that rating, who knows.)

THE BOX – The new movie from Richard Kelly (DONNIE DARKO), I found out what the “twist” is, and it sounds interesting; but really I just want to see more of Frank Langella’s character, with half his face missing.

2012 – The other Summer movie that is coming later. I wouldn’t ever say Roland Emmerich’s movies are good, but he blows up the world with the best of them. Plus, John Cusack.

FANTASTIC MR. FOX – I’ve talked about this before. Animated movie with George Clooney, directed by Wes Anderson. I’m in.

NINE – Another movie with the number (or word, in this case) 9 in it! This time, Daniel Day-Lewis in a Fellini-esque, musical homage to 8 1/2, and lots of lovely ladies in it.

NINJA ASSASSIN – New movie from the guys (Wachowski Brothers and James McTeigue) that brought us V FOR VENDETTA, about ninjas and assassins, and judging by the trailer, machine gun arms throwing throwing-stars.

ARMORED – Heist movie, where the good guys are the bad guys. Lawrence Fishburne, Matt Dillon and Jean Reno.

INVICTUS – New Clint Eastwood movie, starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, about Nelson Mandela.

THE LOVELY BONES – New Peter Jackson directed movie. He wowed me, as a Producer on DISTRICT 9, now he’s back in the main chair and the movie looks very interesting.

AVATAR – James Cameron is back, and he brought some new toys with him. I’ve talked about the hype involved with the movie, and my initial impressions, but now it’s “put up or shut up” time.

SHERLOCK HOLMES – Robert Downey, Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams and Mark Strong, in a hyper-kinetic retelling of Mr. Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous character, from Guy Ritchie. Looks pretty fun.

THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS – On this whole list, this is the movie I’m most hesitant about. Terry Gilliam has kind of been off with his last couple movies – THE BROTHERS GRIMM, I didn’t care for and I didn’t even see TIDELAND, though I might have to, as I love his previous teaming with Jeff Bridges (THE FISHER KING, which is one of my favorite movies) – but with the cast involved here, and the seeming unrestrained imagination of Gilliam, it’ll at least be a magnificent failure, I’m sure. But, I’m hoping for the best.

And that’s it. Then we’ll be on to the new decade (sheesh, already!), and a whole slew of other new movies, that I can’t even think about right now!!


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