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Creative Screenwriting Podcast, an amazing journey into the minds of movie writers

In media on October 8, 2009 at 11:28 pm

I’ve written before about the podcasts that I enjoy listening to. Certain ones, like The Film Talk, /Filmcast, and The Scene Unseen Podcast are great shows, but I’ve found one that goes into the other side of the creative process. The Creative Screenwriting Magazine’s podcast, hosted by Jeff Goldsmith, Senior Editor of the actual magazine, and the podcast covers both larger projects (Q&A’s with THE DARK KNIGHT’s Jonathan Nolan, CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON writer Eric Roth) and smaller, more independent writers like 500 DAYS OF SUMMER’s Scott Neustadter and THE BROTHER’S BLOOM writer director Rian Johnson.

Jeff Goldsmith is a great interviewer, that seems to have a good base of questions he asks each writer, and really digs in on the specifics of each writer’s specific script. There’s been the episode with the writer of THE INFORMANT, Scott Z. Burns, where he had pages of an old version of the script where Matt Damon’s character had multiple voiceovers going at one time – that they read on the stage. There are questions answered (Brian Helgeland/THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123), alternate plot-lines revealed (Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick/ZOMBIELAND) and character design (Jody Hill/OBSERVE AND REPORT).

Check out the show, it’s available through iTunes, and I think that you’ll enjoy what you hear and probably learn some really neat information about some great, contemporary movies.

Creative Screenwriting Podcast


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