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Shaking the can, movie lovers need your help.

In media on November 13, 2009 at 6:34 pm

I’ve written about the podcasts and websites I follow, love and adore a few times now. One of my absolute favorites is THE FILM TALK. It’s two men, one who lives in Tennessee, and the other lives in North Carolina. Both have spent a great portion of their lives eyeball-deep in movies. One a professed actual filmmaker (well, IMDB says he’s been an actor), and the other is an author and professorial in the study of spirituality and film.

Their conversations are full of wit, snark and usually tons of insight, and right now they’re kind of in a financial bind. Now, I’m no Sally Struthers, and this blog is no late-night infomercial, but if you go here, you’ll see that for only $3 a month, or some other kind of contribution, can help keep this site (read the blog, it can be nearly as good as the podcasts – not to mention the usually great conversations that happen in the comments), and the podcast running.

I see this as beneficial to everyone. They can keep doing the show, I can keep enjoying their show, and you can keep…doing what you’re doing. And if you don’t believe me, check out this review from iTunes:

“They both come from the viewpoint of being outside the conventional “American” point-of-view. Both have spent either quite a lot of time outside the US, or naturally not being from here and from that, they bring up a lot of interesting points, that not only sometimes go into pretentious territory (but never snobby), but mostly is just a fresh eye on how our society has absorbed the way we see violence and what movies are saying about our world.”

Ok, fine, I wrote that (and rereading it, not my finest hour). But, still, a great show, worthy of your support. Check them out.


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