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Iron Man 2 trailer, possibly the greatest thing ever seen

In action, trailers on December 23, 2009 at 2:12 am

When it’s all said and done, the IRON MAN franchise might wind up being my favorite comic book movie property. Note, I don’t say best (I think that as of now that stands firmly with THE DARK KNIGHT, and it’s slightly less successful predecessor, BATMAN BEGINS), but my personal favorite. Since seeing the original teaser trailer for IRON MAN in the fall of 2007 – almost a year before the movie was even to be released – I have been smitten with the look, tone and casting of the movie.

From the opening moments, where we first saw Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark; being interviewed and asked if he’s a “DaVinci of our times”, to which he replies, “that’s ridiculous, I don’t paint”. To the final moment, that we see Iron Man going into super-sonic speed, creating a “sonic boom.” The trailer just made me fall in love with the concept of seeing this comic character – who I admit, I’ve never really been that fond of – brought to life. The trailer has some great music, and puts to great use the melody of the band Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot”, and the eponymous Black Sabbath song, “Iron Man”.

Check out that trailer:

But now, nearly two years later, and a mere six months before the release of the sequel (sticking with the ever simple, IRON MAN 2), there is a new trailer released. This time, we start with Tony Stark again taking questions; not from some lowly reporter but some kind of Senate Oversight Committee, headed by Garry Shandling. Which leads us into a new classic rock song, by AC/DC, “Shoot to Thrill”.

The thing, that I think really gets me about this character, these movies, and this particular trailer; is just how accessible and despite the one leap in technology, how realistic the story is. There’s no mutant powers. No one’s stretching themselves, or popping metal claws out of their hands. Just a guy who invents a suit – at first out of necessity, then because it’s a curiosity for him – and decides to right wrongs with it.

And I have to say, I could watch footage of Iron Man flying through the sky all day. Check out the trailer, then we’ll continue talking after.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the movie seems to be stepping it up a notch. We’ve got brief glimpses of some integral characters to the Iron Man series. There’s Sam Rockwell – who appears on-screen just as the word “sharks” is spoken – playing Justin Hammer, an industrialist sort of in the same vein as Stark. Only probably more weapons-minded, like Obadiah Stane was in the first movie. There’s Scarlett Johansson, will be playing the character “Black Widow”, or as her name in the comics is, Natasha Romanoff. Then there’s the bigger roles, who make more of an impression in the trailer. First there’s Don Cheadle, who has inherited the role of James Rhodes, or as we see at the end of the trailer, War Machine.

And God, what a friggin awesome moment that is. When the helmet goes down and then he and Iron Man are both blasting away at those robotic clones – I don’t remember what they’re called in the comic, but they’re basically Iron Man automatons. But, the look, just as with Iron Man in the first movie, is perfect; even down to the giant gatling gun on his shoulder.

Secondly, there’s Ivan Vanko, or as he’ll be called “Whiplash”, I’m sure you can guess why. Mickey Rourke, who is playing the role, looks amazing with the grey-streaked hair; the gold capped teeth; and the tattoos. That smile he gives, and the pounding he gives the race-track; he looks like someone you don’t want to mess with.

The worst part about this movie, right now, seems to be that I have to wait until May to see it!! I think that Jon Favreau, and his team of writers, have done an amazing job on this series so far. And considering 2010 will start with SHERLOCK HOLMES in theaters, then IRON MAN in the Summer, and finally the Todd Phillips directed follow-up to THE HANGOVER, DUE DATE in November; next year will be the year of Downey.

  1. This is just so cool Thankyou for making this available!!!

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