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100 Posts, and one step closer to taking over the world

In filmmaking on February 24, 2010 at 10:33 am

Little Secret: The Hollywood Sign is actually much smaller than it looks...Sort of like Mt. Rushmore.

When I started this blog, pretty much exactly a year ago; it was to talk about movies I watched and liked enough to want to invest time into writing about. I feel like there’s far too much time wasted on complaining and negatively hyping movies – and really anything else – on the internet. I feel like I’ve managed to do that. I don’t even know how many movies I’ve discussed on here now – ranging between 1 to 3 per review, not including TV posts and whatever else.

But, now comes the new angle that this blog has to turn into. Not only will it continue to host my thoughts on movies I like, but it will also play host to the other advancement in my personal/professional life. In case you (my general, invisible, readership) haven’t noticed; posting has been light for a while. This is because now do I not only watch and write about movies, I’m also helping to make them. I left my hometown of (nearly) 12 years of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and headed west. I’m now in Los Angeles, this week marks the wrapping of the first movie I’ve ever worked on, and there’s the optimistic outlook that it’s not going to be my last.

Being my first movie, I obviously started low on the totem pole–really, I’m pretty much under the ground, and maybe one of the worms that chews on the base. Anyway, this first gig has been as a PA (Production Assistant, for those not in the abbreviation business), where I directed traffic, carried lots of stuff, told people to be quiet when the movie was filming, and carried more stuff. I also feel confident that if/when I ever work with some of these same people again, they will know that I’m capable of more than being stationed in the parking lot.

I have ambitions. I’m going places. All that.

I’ve seen over the past few weeks that there have been a lot of visits to the site – and specifically looks at my 2009 wrap-up. I welcome everyone to read, even comment, and hopefully with this added topic; and my continued ability to write about movies, TV, whatever; this blog will continue to be around for a while.

So, here’s to the second year, second 100 posts, and continued success for you, me and everyone else associated with this crazy business.


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