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The Fun of Not Watching Movies

In comedy on March 5, 2010 at 9:55 am

Since my big move across coasts, I’ve not really been able to sit down and watch a movie – other than SHUTTER ISLAND, which was more of  a “hello” to Los Angeles’ theaters – but what has been happening is quite a bit of movie referencing. Which would seem normal considering I now live in Hollywood, but I’m talking about with friends who aren’t into movies (wha?!) and have no idea who the likes of Jeremy Renner or Gabourey Sidibe are.

But, it’s amazing that the movies we’ve been talking about – and by that, I mean just endlessly quoting lines back and forth – are the comedies, from years past. And to get even more specific, it’s been two movies in particular (and when I say I’ve been doing this with friends, it’s really just one friend – I mean, come on, I am new to the city); TALLADEGA NIGHT: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.

Now I hadn’t seen either of these movies for a long time. Not quite as long as their initial releases in 2005 and 2006, respectively; but it surely hasn’t been within this new decade (that’s all of three months old now). But here I am, yelling, “shake and bake, Cal” as I leave my friend’s house for the night. “Freakin’ idiot,” when I spill a drink. And yes, my favorite of favorite’s, “Help me Tom Cruise. Use your witchcraft to save me!” (Not really that applicable for most conversations, but that’s the appeal of it.)

It’s fun, and a shallow way of connecting to someone – and it probably helps that we spend most of this time drinking, also. But, even though these aren’t movies that really ask for any kind of remembrance – other than to be infinitely quotable (“Why don’t you go eat a decroded piece of crap!”) – it’s the fact that they are, that keeps me from missing the moments of sitting down to watch new movies.

“And now, a skit by Pedro Sanchez.”

Yes, I know there’s backlash against NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, and Will Ferrell has been pretty much played out for a while now, but there’s still something about these movies that just the mention of a scene, or the tossing out of a quote will make me laugh harder than almost any stand-up routine (I say almost, because no one is funnier than Louis CK, but that’s a different thing altogether).

And just to get the invisible fire off you:

Anyway, just wanted to share and say “this is what I’m laughing at.”

“Peace out.”


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