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Shall We Talk About The Oscars?

In awards on March 7, 2010 at 10:20 pm

So, the ceremony just ended a while ago – and I have to admit that this year I did not watch. What can I say, I wrongly assumed that the prizes were going to go the obvious choice (AVATAR). But, having come back to the internet to find that THE HURT LOCKER, a movie that I really did enjoy, has won not only Best Original Screenplay; or Best Sound Mixing and Editing; but, that it actually managed to wrangle Best Picture out from the colossal, blue feet of AVATAR astounds me. Congratulations to that movie, it’s producers, it’s stars, it’s writer in Mark Boal; and of course Kathryn Bigelow, who also managed to be the first woman to ever win the one award I was sure that THE HURT LOCKER would receive, Best Director.

Other than that, the list of winners isn’t too surprising; Jeff Bridges won for his role in CRAZY HEART (which I still haven’t seen); Christoph Waltz won for his glorious performance in INLOURIOUS BASTERDS – a movie which had a last-minute boost in possibly winning the Best Picture category; and Mo’Nique, for her role in PRECIOUS – which I also haven’t seen yet, but she seems to have definitely worked to earn that award. PRECIOUS also being the one other surprising twist – for me – winning Best Adapted Screenplay, which I thought was a lock for UP IN THE AIR (though, I have to admit to personally, pulling for DISTRICT 9; as this was really it’s only real shot at winning an award).

Pixar’s UP won Best Animated Feature; Sandra Bullock won for her role in THE BLIND SIDE – a movie I haven’t and have to admit to not really caring to see. But, congrats to her anyway.

AVATAR, only wound up walking away with the technical awards of Cinematography (Mauro Fiore, takes that award home), Best Art Direction, and of course, Best Visual Effects. I have to say, yes, there was all the backlash against a movie like AVATAR winning the top awards because of it’s lackluster story or the relying on a “gimmick” such as 3-D, but I honestly wouldn’t have been disappointed in seeing it win Best Picture. Unlike TITANIC, which seemed much more of an event for female movie-goers and lead to it’s own reign on the Oscars of 1998; AVATAR was truly an event that everyone went to see. It drew in men, women, children; became the largest grossing movie in pretty much every nation of the world that keeps track of that kind of information. Yes, there’s nothing that says box office equals quality; but this is the movie that is the exception that proves the rule. AVATAR, love it or hate it, was special.

That doesn’t guarantee it the awards, as we’ve seen. But, I certainly wouldn’t have walked away from tonight saying, “that was a rip-off” if AVATAR had won. Saying that though, all the movies that did win this year, I wish a hearty congratulations to; and especially the ones that I’ve seen, I would recommend seeking out and watching at your earliest convenience.

By the way, did I actually miss any fun stuff during the actual ceremony? I’ll look up clips online tomorrow.


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