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In television on May 26, 2010 at 1:59 am

LOST may be the first series, that I’ve ever watched from beginning to end – that ended where and when the creators envisioned it to – and that was overall so thoroughly amazing. Yes, there were plenty of filler episodes. Yes, some story arcs were better than others. But, when all was said and done, LOST is going to be a show that will probably have blown my mind the most; broken my heart a million times; and finally, left me awestruck in how simple and compelling it’s plot really was.

I recently wrote a post about why everyone should be watching FRINGE, the other show co-created by JJ Abrams. While I still stand by that – especially after it’s own season finale, that was AMAZING – because I feel like those guys learned one major thing from LOST; which is to “know your ending”. Sure, Cuse and Lindelof can say they knew where this show was going to end from the very beginning, but there are a number of missteps that will keep LOST from being the perfect science-fiction television series that it could have been. (Maybe in an alternate timeline.) That said though, LOST still managed to fare pretty well.

So, just to recap. I’ve seen the first through fifth seasons a number of times – having to rewatch them all whenever I’d introduce friends to the show. I usually spent this time, catching details that I missed on the previous viewings and explaining things to the newbies. (I should say, usually “explaining things” meant saying, “just keep watching”.) Having seen the series up to the last season so much, still isn’t anything compared to some people who have spent hours investigating everything from the origins of character names, to the titles of books that Sawyer read. I didn’t go that far. I enjoyed it as a show and discussion topic; spending time going into it, only for the sake of others. I just wanted to watch.

My favorite characters, pretty much from the beginning – or for one, the second season – has been Locke and Desmond. Sure, everyone on the show has had things in their lives that have made them suffer, but these two characters really suffered. Locke, had his kidney stolen from him and then was pushed out of a window from a few stories up. Both things were done by his father, a con-man. Desmond, went to great lengths trying to impress the father of the woman he loved. Only to be ship-wrecked on the island for three years, pushing a button. Then he gets blown up, but lives. Sure, I love Hurley, Charlie and Daniel Farraday, but it was Locke – played brilliantly through the series by Terry O’Quinn – and Desmond – also played magnificently by Henry Ian Cusick – that made the show for me. I don’t even know if it’s arguable that most of the best episodes of the entire series, center around these two men.

So, I have to say, that about mid-way through the final season, where Desmond is brought back to the island; put through an electro-magnetic event and is gifted with a peaceful awareness – and Locke, now the human guise of the mysterious smoke monster (don’t ask), seemed to be on a crash-course, I was extremely excited. Then Jack had to bust his fat head in, and take his place, where we all knew it was going to be. But, still there was hope. And I have to say that as under-played as the final showdowns were; they were pretty satisfying. Desmond, who was brought to the island is sent by both Jack and Locke into the “heart of the island”. One thinks it’ll destroy Locke, and the other thinks it’ll destroy the island. Both wind up kind of being right. The real redemption of both characters, though, came in the alternate reality where the plane never crashed on the island. Desmond became the shepherd – as it were – gathering all the LOST-a-ways, and awakening them to the fact that this place is not real. Locke, is given his legs back. Which, yes, is a major thing.

Beyond my favorite characters, the rest of the series finale was touching, a little obvious, but in the end completely satisfying to me. No, they didn’t answer all the questions. Yes, making the alternate reality a “purgatory” of sorts – ok, so from the beginning people were saying that the island was purgatory, way to be nit-pickers, show-runners that said it wasn’t – is kind of lame. But, for a final show of a series that had some amazing action, brutality and interesting ideas; I think they earned the ending they gave us. I know plenty of people that said they cried through a lot of the show.

I know I did. Which, I have to admit was surprising, because I’m normally not a crier. But, it all started when Claire was having her baby in ARLA (Alternate Reality Los Angeles), and then the show flashed around to the first time this happened on the island. Seeing Kate’s and Claire’s reactions; something just kicked off the water-works.

I know the finale, and the show in general, rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. But, I loved LOST. Through it’s ups and downs. It’s awesome moments and it’s missteps. From Arzt to Vincent; I loved it all. The final moments of the cast hugging and smiling in the church, and then Christian Shepherd opening the door to a bright, white light, was a suiting goodbye and I salute the creative minds behind the series and the actors that spent six years in front of the camera. Though, I was disappointed that they didn’t have Nikki and Paolo show up in the final moment. As despised as those characters might be, I’d have liked seeing them to say goodbye as well.

Thank you LOST.


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