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No Trailers, No Reviews, No Spoilers – INCEPTION

In action, Directors, sci-fi on July 6, 2010 at 1:14 am

As much visual stimulus you're going to get from this post.

We’re in a dangerous time for a fan of movies that are good, mysterious, and highly anticipated. Usually movies like that don’t come out in the dead of Summer. Movies like that are usually saved for closer to award seasons, or just after the time when everyone flocks to the theaters to see the big, dumb, loud movies. But, in less than two weeks, Christopher Nolan’s new movie, INCEPTION, will be hitting theaters.

The first reviews are online – somewhere, I’m not looking for them – there’s all kinds of clips, trailers and who knows what else. Usually I’m actually not one to be shy of spoilers and “going in cold” as the phrase is. But, let me just say that going to see a Christopher Nolan movie has become akin to…well, going to church. I worship at the altar of Nolan. Amazingly, this idolatry did not start with THE DARK KNIGHT – though it helped reinforce it. No, it was Nolan’s movie between BATMAN sagas, THE PRESTIGE.

I’d seen Nolan’s other movies. I loved MEMENTO when it was eventually released in the states (almost a year after it’d been seen in most of the world). I thought his adaptation of the Norwegian movie INSOMNIA was alright. But, I was just too fond of the original; and say what you will about Al Pacino as a great actor, recently I’d almost always rather watch Stellan Skarsgard…But, they can never take away DOG DAY AFTERNOON or THE GODFATHER, Al. And then Nolan’s first feature, FOLLOWING, had it’s appeal, but was really just a building block to get to where he is now.

No, THE PRESTIGE was a movie that had Wolverine AND Batman in it. And they were playing magicians in turn-of-the-century London. Beyond the trailer, there was nearly nothing known about this movie. It was before Twitter, before viral marketing took off, and man, I was blown away the first time I saw it. So blown away, in fact that I turned around and watched it again right after. I hadn’t done that for a movie since THE MATRIX.

I saw THE PRESTIGE five times in the theater (maybe it was six…It’s been a while). I bought the DVD the day it was released. I would call it one of my favorite movies of all time. It was a big movie, with barely any hype. No real buzz – that thunder had already kind of been stolen by the earlier release, and similarly themed THE ILLUSIONIST (sorry, it’s a far inferior movie to Nolan’s). It has a shock ending that Im sure had M. Night Shyamalan pissing his pants.

Then came THE DARK KNIGHT. Everyone saw it. Most everyone loved it. I saw that one in the theater five times as well. (I’m more confident in that number.) Do I consider Nolan’s movies perfect? No. I think there’s some merit to criticisms in how he cuts a movie. There’s some humor issues – more specifically in the first Batman movie, BATMAN BEGINS. But, man if there something in there that’s like crack to me.

So, INCEPTION. It’s the blockbuster of the Summer that isn’t a sequel, an adaptation, or seemingly even that simple to describe. (“Your Mind Is The Scene Of The Crime”?? WTF?) The only thing I’ve seen, know, or even want to know before walking into the theater; is that the movie is about dreams. It stars a lot of great, young (and a couple not so young) actors – ahem, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ken Watanabe – should I continue? And in the one trailer, you see a giant block of Paris rise up and start to fold in on itself.


So, what the heck am I posting this for, if it’s not a review; or posting a trailer or whatever? To tell you to go see it. Ignore any and all information. Don’t take my post as hype saying that this movie will be the greatest thing ever (I think it might be). Just go see it. No expectations. People always want to complain that Hollywood has no original ideas, or only caters to the idiot audience. Well, here’s a movie that will (hopefully) be the antithesis to that. And the amazing thing is, that if INCEPTION is a hit – let alone an actual blockbuster – it might actually inspire more great movies from Hollywood. That they will put money and star-power behind.

INCEPTION hits theaters on July 16.


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