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A Question On What You Look For In Reviewers

In media on October 19, 2010 at 12:42 pm

In between some upcoming reviews I’ll be writing – and a couple of ideas for other “uncategorized” kind of posts – a question popped into my head while listening to some new movie podcasts and finding some new people who review movies. And it’s about, how do you judge whether you want to keep reading what a certain person says about movies?

For me, there’s a couple things.

  • Do they have a voice and attitude that I enjoy reading/listening to? Is their outlook interesting – even if it does run counter to mine? I like people that really dig into the movies, which is something I don’t tend to actually do. And by that I mean, pry out or expound on the issues they see in there. Something that’s great about one of my favorite podcasts/blogs, The Film Talk. (And they have a brand new website. It’s spiffy.)
  • More interestingly, to me anyway, is that I like looking up certain movies in the back-log. Maybe it’s shallow, I don’t know. But I look up and see if the person has talked about some of my most recent favorite – or in some cases least favorite – movies. Did you review THE DARK KNIGHT? WALL-E? WATCHMEN? More recently, INCEPTION, some indie movies, like CYRUS, THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, maybe LET ME IN.
  • Considering how sporadically I update this blog, sometimes, you might not be surprised that I don’t hold it against people if they don’t write every day. I consider the quality of the content more than the quantity. And if you’ve read my blog, you can see that my bar for standard of writing is pretty low. (Yes, I’m looking for positive reinforcement. It’s been a tough week.)

Some newer people that I follow on Twitter and have been listening to their podcasts are: Trevor Schoenfeld (@schofizzy) and Jonnie Chang (@jonniechang)’s Top 5 Film podcast. Along with them, and sometimes co-hosting, is Sean Duregger (@geekcouch)’s The Geekcouch site and podcast.

What are things you look for when you find a new reviewer? What are things that maybe brought you to this blog? (digging for compliments, or not.)  What are some of your other favorite blogs, reviewers and podcasts? Tell me!!


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