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TRAILER Round-up

In trailers on November 21, 2010 at 12:43 am

For those of you who’ve followed the blog for a while (are there any people that have followed the blog for a while?), you’ll know that every now and again I’ll do a post about an awesome – usually comic book movie related – trailer. Well, it just so happens that this week, there was an entire butt-load (that’s metric, you Americans wouldn’t understand) of them released to the internet seeing world. There’s even a trailer that I started out hating, but have grown a little more tolerable of and just want to share – if for no other reason, than for people to tell me how wrong I am.

So, let’s get started shall we.

First thing you’re going to notice is the (almost entire) lack of super-heroes in these trailers. Sure, there’s still a couple comic book adaptations, some sci-fi stuff and even classic literature; but the thing to note is that all these movies LOOK awesome. Which, I guess is the purpose of the trailer. The thing is not only will you be able to see the trailers here, but you can go to Quicktime’s actual site, and watch – I believe – all of them there in varying degrees of high definition-age. No, I’m not linking to each specific page (I’m not here to do everything for you, I’m not your mother. But, clean up your room! Jeez.), but here’s the link to the main page. It’s fairly easy to use. APPLE’S TRAILER PAGE.

Anyway, let’s get the least obvious out of the way first.

JANE EYRE, is a novel that I’ve never read. I know nothing about it other than the assumption that it is in-fact about a woman named Jane Eyre. So, having said that (and embarassingly outed myself as uncultured), let me tell you what this trailer tells me about the story.

That it’s effing amazing. That THE OTHERS, THE SIXTH SENSE, possibly FATAL ATTRACTION, and who knows what else, are all a cheap knock-off of this amazing looking story. Of course part of that is helped by who is involved. Most apparent are the skills of performers Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. Also showing up are people like Jamie Bell, Judi Dench and Sally Hawkins. Then there’s the people behind the camera that make this a definite must-see, even if this trailer wasn’t as amazing as it is. First up is director, Cary Fukunaga. Who I’ve talked about before with his movie SIN NOMBRE (or maybe I didn’t. Either way, it’s amazing).

The look here is gothic and Victorian to the max. It’s reserved, it’s cold and barren; and best of all it’s scary as hell. Then there’s screenwriter Moira Buffini, who currently has another movie making the rounds called TAMARA DREWE, which while I haven’t seen; I have heard nearly nothing but good things about. Seeing this trailer really threw me off-guard. I was not expecting the quality, or the experience that I got from it.

Next up, and just to stay in a similar timeline – heh, funny how that worked out – is a movie set in the American wild west. Of course, the title of COWBOYS & ALIENS, kind of betrays that it’s not quite going to be another retread of the normal western story. In case, you didn’t pick it up, this movie also features aliens. SPACE aliens.

Then there’s, once again, the names involved, which make the movie worth seeing just for that alone. Jon Favreau, has now clearly made his name as director of hit blockbusters – with the IRON MAN franchise, and a regular stalwart of these blog posts about trailers. Then there’s the cast, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, and Daniel Craig. C’mon!! You don’t even need to watch the trailer now, do you?

Fine, here it is.

Jumping up to present times, but sticking with at least the aliens part, is GREEN LANTERN. I’ll admit, I had an initial reaction to this footage of revulsion, disappointment and down-right hatred. As I’ve now seen the trailer a couple of times, I’ll say it’s grown on me. Some. The movie still has a long way to go to really make me happy; but at the moment I’m not opposed to seeing it.

I’m still mostly unsure about the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan (in case you don’t know comics, Jordan is known more as a straight-arrow, of sorts. Let’s just say, if Superman is a boy scout; Jordan is the scout leader. Except for that one story where he kills like half a universe or something…But, I doubt that’s covered in this movie.) Anyway, the movie is directed by Martin Campbell – who has graced us with numerous great movies like, THE MASK OF ZORRO, CASINO ROYALE (the one with Daniel Craig), and despite a lot of people disliking it, EDGE OF DARKNESS. So, I’m willing to give the benefit of a doubt there, as well as the scope of this movie just screams epic. So, we’ll see.

Staying in a similar vein – aliens, fighting, special effects – we have BATTLE: LOS ANGELES. Not as much is known to me about this movie. Other than aliens, seemingly attack LA, and the military fights back. Seems simple enough. Written by Christopher Bertolini – he wrote THE GENERAL’S DAUGHTER, which I guess is similar in it’s military theme; directed by Jonathan Liebsman, who directed TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING – which I guess is similar in it’s people dying theme; and stars people like Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez (is there a movie she doesn’t have to fight in?), Bridget Moynahan (I love her); the movie looks amazing. At least from the scattered, quick-cutting footage there is to see. It showcases the aliens momentarily and just looks like it’s going to be the SAVING PRIVATE RYAN of alien invasion flicks.

And finally, we have a sci-fi movie – see how it fits? – by the director of the Sam Rockwell movie MOON. Duncan Jones, who became a major, new contender in the sci-fi genre is releasing his next movie, called SOURCE CODE. It features Jake Gyllenhaal, as a soldier who spends the movie taking trips eight minutes at a time into the near-past, in order to try and figure out who bombed a train. Along the way, he’ll fight with the powers that be, fall in love with someone he can’t (seemingly) save, and probably show off those brilliant abs he worked so hard for in PRINCE OF PERSIA (someone’s got to mention that movie!).

There’s also the supporting cast of Michelle Monaghan, Geoffrey Wright, Vera Farmiga (I love her too), all solid actors. The movie seems like a pretty good reimagining of numerous sci-fi classics; like THE TIME MACHINE (I’m speaking in general here, not really the most recent Guy Pearce movie), 12 MONKEYS, and the not-quite as classic DEJA VU. Maybe even some DONNIE DARKO thrown in too. And it’s written by the guy who gave us the third and fourth sequels in the SPECIES franchise. (Wait, there’s more than two of those movies?!)

And that’s it. Those are all the trailers I’m willing to show you. Yes, there are other ones out there – like the LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD trailer, but I’m not showing you that. Why? Because I don’t want to – and because there are far too many jokes to be made about it being a prequel to TWILIGHT; like, “LRRH looks like TWILIGHT if you put it in The Little House on the Prairie.” Okay, that’s not the best one… Other reason being, this thing’s gone on long enough.


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