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The Insight Into A Medium

In Uncategorized on December 10, 2010 at 7:32 pm

That’s a pretty heady title, for what I’m sure might wind up being a disappointing post. But, what this will be is sort of a doubling up of my beliefs on what this blog is; what other blogs and media that comment on movies do (better and worse, and how they’re different); and hopefully, to start a discussion. Not necessarily on this blog – pity me, I get no comments – but just maybe in your own mind. 

I was searching through my gmail account the other day – for something random, I don’t remember what – and came across an old chat with a friend of mine, where we commented on each other’s reviews for a certain movie. I made mention that his reviews were more structured and sought out to comment on every facet of the filmmaking and performances. He commented that my reviews were more “of the mainstream” variety, and looked more to just give an opinion of the movie with a description. Or something. He compared what I do, to someone like Roger Ebert – which while incredibly flattering, I could never accept.

Reading that chat made me think about this blog for a minute. My actual thought process is just to write about movies that I feel inclined to write about. Almost always in the positive (there’s enough negativity in the world, why not just talk about the better stuff?), but I know where my short-comings are. And that’s the other part that had me thinking.

Some of the best review blogs and podcasts – a number of which I’ve mentioned before – delve much deeper into the one thing that I just find it difficult to comment on. The themes, the stuff that your mind goes to when you see these movies. Sometimes it’s the far-fetched ideas – like THE DARK KNIGHT being a final comment on the Bush presidency. Or to what degree violent resolutions play in affecting audiences today. And possibly even race and gender roles vs. stereotypes. Basically, the high-minded – some might call it “pretentious” – stuff. These are things that I do think about after watching a movie. But, what’s interesting is that it’s usually in reference to asking myself “what would those particular critics think?”, as opposed to just walking out and blabbing my own philosophy on it.

When I see a movie that’s really good, I’ll come out of the theater with my mind racing and running in so many directions that it’s almost like it shuts down. Eventually relatable things like how it correlates to my own life; how it reminds me of things I’ve messed up or done right in my life; makes me miss certain people or places or objects. It comes flooding in, but if you read most of the reviews for those kinds of movies, I don’t know that I necessarily hit the precipice that I might mean to. Of course, it kind of doesn’t matter, as the purpose of this blog – as the title describes – is to write about movies, for myself. I can look at the stats and see that there are indeed people that visit, and I would hope/assume, that you’re actually reading the posts. Not just accidentally navigating here, then clicking the back button.

But, that’s also the other part of the dilemma. While this is meant for me – it’s also public and in some form, is meant to entertain, educate, and spread awareness about some movies that people might not know about or wouldn’t have given a chance. But, do I put more effort into turning this thing into something that is meant to gain more attention? Do I need to try and get more artful with my reviews? Do I need to write about the movies that I see and hate? (We all know that if you want traffic, be negative and the people will come out of the woodwork.)

I don’t know. And since this is meant more as my own just unloading of my brain, there’s not really meant to be a definite answer. I like writing, I love movies. I also love listening and reading what other people have to say (for examples, all you have to do is scroll down a little further to find the places I like.), but I accept that my purpose is just a little different.


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