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I Would Get Married If It Was Like BRIDESMAIDS

In comedy on May 14, 2011 at 4:22 pm

There are three…no, five, yeah five, main– Let me start over.

There are five main reasons you MUST go see BRIDESMAIDS, the funniest movie of the Summer. Possibly of the whole year! And you’ll only know what they are if you go to the theater.

Okay, fine I’ll tell you.

1. Kristin Wiig. She’s amazing in this movie. She’s hilarious, she’s sensitive, she rocks some amazing short skirts, and she co-wrote the movie!! She plays Annie, the best friend of Lillian (Maya Rudolph) who has recently gotten engaged. Annie agrees to be her Maid-of-Honor, and take on all the duties that entails. Problem being, Annie recently had to shutter her small business (she had a bakery, with a cute cartoon-version of her as the mascot! Aww…); lives with the real-life versions of Tweedle-Dee and the other one (Played hilariously by Matt Lucas, who actually was the dim-witted twins in Tim Burton’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND; and Rebel Wilson); and has to deal with “let’s not put rules on it” sex-toy Jon Hamm. Basically, despite her being in no position to take on this role, you’ll fall in love with her.

2. The Cop played by Chris O’Dowd. Sure, this movie seems to point to there being a lot of UK-ers in Wisconsin (or Minnesota) but O’Dowd’s character, Officer Rhodes, is endearing. His earnestness and vulnerability helps make him the only male character of the movie that isn’t a total douche-nozzle – or fairly one-dimensional. He repeatedly attempts to convince Annie how tough he is, and also that he’s a stickler for littering. But, manages to ignore a plethora of extreme crimes that happen right in front of him, during a critical moment in the movie…That may or may not also involve Annie topless.

3. The Gown-fitting Scene. I know everyone’s going to be talking about this, but it truly is one of the highlights of the movie. It shows that female-centric movies don’t have to be cheesy rom-coms that follow a set regimen of tried and truisms. The scene is drop-dead hilarious, completely over-the-top disgusting (without actually being too graphic), and really sets the movie apart from EVERYTHING else. This scene is one of the main things that makes BRIDESMAIDS comparable to Judd Apatow (producer on this movie as well) other movies, and even 2009’s THE HANGOVER. But, even they didn’t dare go this far! It’s a show-stopper.

4. All of the Bridesmaids. These women are so diverse and so full-spectrum in their characters. There’s the uppity Helen, played by Rose Byrne, who is Annie’s foil through most of the movie. There’s crass Megan, played to uproarious perfection by Melissa McCarthy, who you think is setup to be the lesbian of the group. But, she takes this characters places you would have never imagined. It’s quite stunning. Wendi McLendon-Covey is the “been through the trenches” housewife who is disgusted by her family, and tries to warn everyone away from marriage. She talks about how filthy her kids are, her sexual relationship with her husband, and the joy of drinking. Then finally there’s just-married Becca, played by Ellie Kemper. She’s the girl that waited for marriage before having sex and still thinks she’ll be getting the princess’ life and picket fences. It’s in her naivety that the character shines.

All of these women put to shame any troubles a group of men have ever had in a similar-type of movie. They’re all hilarious, vulgar, unpredictable and I’d much rather there was a sequel to this coming out right now than THE HANGOVER PART 2 (and we all know how much I loved that movie!).

Finally, 5. The ending. All I’ll say is there’s a musical number, and if somehow there hadn’t been a smile on your face prior, this part will definitely brighten your day.

That’s it. If those don’t make you want to run out and see BRIDESMAIDS right now, I don’t know what will. But I can’t help you any more. Director Paul Feig, co-writers Wiig and Annie Mumolo, and the rest of this crew have put together a fantastic movie that is for men and women equally, despite the amount of pink in the advertising.

Go see it!!


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