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The Feel Bad Movie Of Christmas…

In trailers on June 3, 2011 at 10:12 pm

I was going to put the title of the movie in the title of the post too, but that would have just been too damn long! Suffice to say, this is the tagline from the trailer for David Fincher’s adaptation of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Of which I am posting, now.

(Also, that’s the officially released poster, for international markets.)

I don’t remember if I posted my thoughts on the original versions of these movies – I liked the first; was disappointed in the second; and haven’t bothered with the third – but I’m pretty sure Fincher will make something pretty amazing here.

The trailer takes us back to when Fincher liked making dark, evil movies. Stuff that made you want to slit your wrists by the end, but were still captivating and at least for me, made them instantly rewatchable. And this series – the books by Stieg Larsson – definitely fit into that vein (heh…get it?).

Despite what you might think, or where you stand, about American remakes of recently made foreign-language movies, I think you’ve got to agree that this trailer looks great!

Yeah, that’s all I’m saying…Watch it again! In fact go to Quicktime and download the highest resolution version you can – as opposed to that Youtube one – here.

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