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A Return To Form… Any Form

In filmmaking on November 29, 2011 at 4:37 pm

Hey there loyal readers – I assume there are loyal readers and not just people that come searching for the logo to LOST and Kerry Green photos.

So, it’s been a long-time, lots has happened, and now I’m back. Honestly, I’ve been back for a while, but the reason the blog has sat here untouched was because I just wasn’t sure how to approach this place again. I’ve kind of moved beyond wanting to write movie reviews, and I don’t really feel qualified enough to write straight up comments on filmmaking. I’ve also been busy writing some scripts, and reading other people’s scripts, and plotting making some films.

So, I figured, why not just come back and write about all of it. Who cares if I’m qualified or not… This is the internet! But, I have some plans. I want to regulate the posts, keep it updated regularly, add some features and other content that helps to make other sites popular. Yes, I might be looking to actually build an audience here too!! It’s almost like a plan that someday the people that read this might want to see the projects that I work on. Which might mean money for me. This might sound greedy, but every site you go to is looking for the same thing, they’re just not saying it out loud.

In that vein, I present you a commercial that I worked on, earlier this year, for NIKE.

I was credited as the “Property Master” for this shoot. What that meant – for this shoot, it was my first time working in that position, so I have no idea if these were the normal duties (which happens a lot on film shoots, just a warning) – was that I presided over the art department to make sure the director had options in whatever props he wanted. I also helped set up and breakdown sets (there’s a flash of a moment in the commercial, where there’s a giant basketball hoop strapped to the back of a semi-truck trailer… I had to hold that by myself while it was being strapped down, for, oh a while… Some other guys helped too, but then they got pulled off to help strap it up.) Basically, I made sure stuff got done and was where it needed to be. Which sounds grandiose, but there’s a lot of problem-solving, giving direction to other team members, and trying to stay one-step ahead of what my bosses could possibly ask for. Which, honestly, what you should do in just about any position on a film set. You want, when they ask for something, to be able to say, “I already have that right here.” Plus, it leaves you time to put into practice completely absurd things that will be asked for that you’d NEVER be able to think of.

Overall, it was AMAZING. The highest profile show I’ve been on. It was shot in Oklahoma City. I got to work with some amazing people; some even more amazing people; and overall had almost the best week in my filmmaking life. Which was only compounded by the fantastic month, or so, preceding it…Which I’ll get to in another post soon.

Anyway, all this to say, “I’m back!”

Get ready for some more, and hopefully fun stuff.


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