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In Horror, television on December 1, 2011 at 8:26 pm

Welcome to the first in another new feature I’ll be working on, in an attempt to make this a regularly updated blog. (Of course, I’ve already gotten this one going late…What the hell.) In an effort to appreciate all filmed art, and especially since those boob toob creators have discovered that they can make stuff just as awesome – if not better – than their big brothers, the movies; my weekly talk on a show that I’m currently liking. It might not always be a current series – what with the fun of DVD’s and other various sources like Netflix and Hulu.

This week we have the new series by two of the creators of GLEE – another (non)guilty pleasure of mine – Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. It involves a family that moves to Los Angeles, after the husband had been caught… well, caught in bed with a woman that was not his wife. So, obviously, you move across country with them. They get there to their new home – an amazingly horrifying, old place, and it’s not too long before they start seeing freaky stuff. (Like a black, latex man-suit…Look at the image at the head of this post. That’s it.)

The reason to love this show, as has been harped on a lot by television critics, is just how bad it is. Meaning cheesy, fully committing to its horror predecessors and never holding back on jump scares, monsters and gore. The fun is watching it all develop and seeing just how much torture this family will take. So far there’s been intercourse with people in said man-suit (is there an actual name for that?); a maid that is played by both Frances Conroy and Alexandra Breckenridge, who both play the maid Moira – one in a slutty, under-dressed maids outfit (I’ll let you guess which one); and a man who is horribly covered with burns and quite deformed (played by the amazing Denis O’Hare).

The house has presented a number of frightening visions – from flashbacks to the gruesome murders that have garnered the home on the Hollywood Murder Tours, and the nickname “Murder House” – to the current flock of ghosts that can appear or vanish at the drop of a hat. Then there’s the neighbor. An older Southern belle, played to perfection by Jessica Lange, who has had numerous children and currently takes care of a daughter with Down Syndrome. Their past-times include making Epicac cookies, and sneaking in and out of the neighbor’s house whenever they please.

Oh, the family themselves? They’re played by Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton (who is absolutely stunning!) and Taissa Farmiga. Sadly, the family is kind of the least interesting part of the show, other than when they’re being terrorized, or repeatedly talk about trying to sell the house they’ve only just moved into.

Overall, the reason the show is so fun is because the network it’s on (FX in the States) gives it almost the same freedom you’d be allowed on an HBO or SHOWTIME… So far it seems the limits are full-frontal nudity, and the “F-word”. But, as FX has shown on previous shows (like Murphy’s NIP/TUCK, and the soon to return JUSTIFIED), they’re willing to go as far as needed. So, it’s that near unrestricted attitude that lets this show take you on its sick and twisted adventures. Even if it’s not the best show in regards to drama, it’s definitely the best horror-based show I’m currently interested in seeing. (Yes, that’s a slam against THE WALKING DEAD.)

Check it out, and it’s pretty amazing opening titles, below (ugh, what a pain in the butt this was. All of the quality versions on Youtube are backwards?! Anyway, enjoy.):

American Horror Story – Opening Credits from darko on Vimeo.


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