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Ask A Friday Question…

In Uncategorized on December 2, 2011 at 7:44 am

Hey, me again… So today, we’re going to do some fun interactivity between me – the writer – and you – the reader. I guarantee you that all these readers, and their questions are 100% real.*

Lets get started shall we?

First question comes from Anonymous of Westboro, KS;

What’s your favorite INDIANA JONES movie? Don’t say it’s the one with the gays in it.

Raiders. And seriously, what do gay people have to do with Indiana Jones? And why sign this “Anonymous”, who do you think you are, William Shakespeare?

Okay, this one’s from Tits McGee in Stillwater, OK; (what’s up with the middle states representin’?)

What’s the best 1:05 of television from this past year?

What an oddly specific question. But, I have an answer, it’d have to be this:


Next we have, James Van Der Beak (this totally sounds fake), from Down South, TX;

What’s the best exclamation that also sounds like a food item?



Finally, we have Mr. Best Writer Ever, from Hollywood, CA;

How can I get an agent in Hollywood?

Oh man, there’s always got to be one… Here’s what you do; write a script, send it to an agent and tell them the writer committed suicide, so it’s bound to be worth millions. Then get a gun and shoot yourself. And put in your will that I’m to get all your royalties. Easy peasy, lemon squeezable. Only do the will part, before the shooting part…**


Okay, well, not too bad for our first trip out. Come back next week, when we’ll have more questions.


*Sadly, none of these readers, nor their questions are real. Well, actually Tits McGee is kind of real, and all apologies to her if she was in any way offended by being associated with this post.

**…and please, don’t anyone actually shoot themselves. That’s just not good for anybody, except the gun manufacturers…


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