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Nothing John Hughes-ish Here | EASY A and NEVER LET ME GO Talked About Here

In comedy, drama, romance on September 10, 2010 at 1:31 am

So, I’m kind of at a loss for words. My initial plan was to talk about two movies that revolved around kids; learning lessons about growing up and dealing with relationships and possibly even being clever. Well, one movie did that and the other one delivered but in way that I don’t know I was prepared for, nor capable of fully discussing at the moment. One is an amazingly, light and breezy comedy with nary a shred of cynicism to be found. The other is a heavy, lumbering study in life and death, with barely a shred of action taking place. (And I don’t mean that as in, punches thrown or items exploded; but just in that nothing of import, really seems to happen. Which, I don’t mean as a criticism.)

What the movies have in common is that they both focus on kids facing choices that come with adulthood. Dealing with the unhappy truths and the unrealistic ideas that others set for us. I’m also breaking my “post a trailer after the review” thing, as both of these movies might be better served going in cold. Neither for any twists or turns, but it felt good walking in knowing, literally, nothing about a movie for once. So I’m recommending that. Read the rest of this entry »


Bye Bye Summer, Hello Fall

In Uncategorized on September 7, 2010 at 10:18 pm

Well, overall I’d have to say that the Summer was a bust. Yes, there were a few pretty great “event” movies (INCEPTION, SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD) and some fantastic indie movies that managed to make their mark (CYRUS, THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, SPLICE); but for the most part a lot of the movies stunk – and the ones I involuntarily missed, I don’t feel too bad about not seeing.

But, all that’s over and done with, on to the new season. New movies that will entertain, enthrall and might actually have story-lines worth paying attention to. But, instead of doing the complete list of all of the movies that I’m looking forward to this fall (there’s 26 of them), I’m only going to focus on the top 10 that I feel will be must see’s – and not too surprisingly, considering some of the filmmakers involved. Read the rest of this entry »